Windshields for Motorcycles Part One

Windshields are the transparent dividers at the front of vehicles that enable drivers and passengers to see the road ahead while protecting them from both the strong winds generated by driving at high speeds and any debris or dirt that could fly up from the road or ground in front. For most vehicles this is made of a safety glass that is laminated for safety, preventing it from breaking into shards when struck. Most vehicles also utilize a powerful glue that aims to bond the glass at a molecular level all around the outside of the glass and inside of the frame. This then provides a high level of safety and also reinforces the structural integrity of the vehicle.

On a motorbike however this system works very differently though the purpose is generally the same. Again the aim of the windshield on a motorbike is to prevent the driver from being hit by strong wind and debris, but also here to help improve the aerodynamic design of the vehicle and so improve the speed. This is known as the ‘drag coefficient’ and in this way the motorcycle can split the wind around it, thereby being met with less resistance.

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