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Windshield usage

In daily life use, the function of windshields is to protect the vehicle’s occupants from wind, temperature extremes, and flying debris such as dust, insects, and rocks, as well as providing an aerodynamically formed window towards the front of the vehicle. UV Coating may be applied to protect from harmful ultraviolet light.

As the name implies, on motorbikes their main function is to shield the driver from the wind and unwanted dust and particles, though they do not do so as totally as those of a car, whereas on sports and racing motorcycles the main utility is in improving the drag coefficient when the rider assumes the most aerodynamic optimal configuration of his or her body is united with the machine and does not shield the rider from wind when sitting upright on the bike.

Modern, glued-in windshields contribute to the vehicle’s stability, but the main force for innovation has historically been the need to prevent injury from sharp glass fragments. Properly installed automobile windshields are also essential for security; along with the roof of the car, they provide protection to the people using the vehicle in the case of a roll-over accident. Windshield repair can be done in case of an accident.

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