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Windshield information

In most of the places, laws restrict the use of heavily tinted glass in vehicle windshields; usually, such laws specify the maximum level of tint permitted to be applied on the windshield. Some vehicles have noticeably more tint in the uppermost part of the windshield to block sun glare and protect against ultra violet rays.

In the aircraft windshields, an electric current is applied through a conducting layer of tin (IV) oxide to generate heat to prevent icing. This is done for security purpose. Using thermal glass has one disadvantage; it prevents a couple of navigation systems from functioning correctly, as the embedded metal blocks the satellite signals. This can be sorted out by using an external antenna.

Windshields in the early times were made of ordinary window glass, but that could lead to serious injuries in the event of a crash or any unfortunate accident. A series of lawsuits led up to the development of stronger windshields that would guard against accidents. A Windshield isn’t just made to protect people from the force of the wind while driving, but likewise to stop any kind of unwanted stuff from getting into the vehicle. You may repair your windshield in case of a crash.

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