Why you shouldn’t try to replace your own windscreen | Windshield Replacement

Why you shouldn’t try to replace your own windscreen | Windshield Replacement Windshield Replacement

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Why you shouldn’t try to replace your own windscreen

As car parts go fitting a windscreen may look like one of the easy jobs, it isn’t and you will actually struggle to find somewhere to buy a windscreen to fit yourself from. Many auto windscreen fitters manufacturer windscreens themselves and hold a stock, garages rarely fit windscreens for the reason that they are difficult to do, and because they can’t afford to hold the stock they would need to. You possibly could get a second-hand windscreen from a scrap yard or a car someone is breaking for parts. These second-hand screens themselves may be dangerous: they can be easily damaged removing them and may have damage already. When you come to fit a windscreen you need to set it perfectly and first time: getting it wrong and bashing it about can easily cause it to shatter or cause chips and cracks. Get a windscreen on even slightly out of place and it will crack, maybe not straight away but worse still on the highway when you get up some speed and the air pressure causes it to crack if it isn’t supported evenly all of the way around; bits of the old windscreen as well that may be miniscule will mean the screen won’t sit properly and may have to much pressure on one point so a crack may at least start from there.

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