Why Repair Is Better Option Over Windshield Replacement? | Windshield Replacement

Why Repair Is Better Option Over Windshield Replacement? | Windshield Replacement Windshield Replacement

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Why Repair Is Better Option Over Windshield Replacement?

Driving a vehicle with damaged windshield can be very dangerous for the driver and the other occupants of the car. Depending upon the size of the damage, you can either opt for a repair or replacement of the entire glass. Here are some of the reasons why repair is better option over a replacement.

1) Safety: Since, originally your car’s windshield was installed by professional and expert technician of the manufacturer of your car with an ultra tight bond, it can never be duplicated. Sometimes, newly installed glass can cause your airbags to malfunction.

2) Environment friendly: Since old glass can not be recycled, it will get piled up causing unnecessary environmental problems.

3) Water leaks: If the Windshield replacement, if not done by experts and professional technician, can cause water to leak from the edges of the window. However, when your windshield is repaired, you maintain your water tight factory seal that can never be duplicated.

4) No down time: Mostly, when you get your windshield replaces, you are prohibited from driving your vehicle until the new glass sets in. This down time can vary from some hours to days. However, in case of repairs, you can start driving your car within a few hours.

5) Insurance benefits: Replacement of auto glass is mostly not covered by insurance companies. However, they do pay for the repairs cost incurred by you.

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