When should you get that windshield crack repaired?

If you have had a small crack on your windshield for some time now and are just waiting for the right time to get it repaired, there are certain indicators that you can keep a look out for.

The best thing to do is to keep a tab on the crack, if it is just a chip then you might have the liberty to wait a while, but if you notice that the chip is turning into a crack it might about time that you get the glass repaired. However, it might be too late if your crack has become too long to handle. You can measure the crack to make sure of this, if you measure the crack and find that it is longer than fifteen centimeters then it is too late for you to simply get the crack repaired. In such a situation you will need to get the whole windshield replaced. This kind of a crack can of course be formed instantly as well due to a collision or any other accident.

However, it is always better to catch a crack before it gets worse so that it can save you a lot of money and time to get it replaced.

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