What You Should Know About Windshield Repair | Windshield Replacement

What You Should Know About Windshield Repair | Windshield Replacement Windshield Replacement

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What You Should Know About Windshield Repair

Since the windshield of a vehicle is very important part for the safety of the driver and the other occupants of the car, any damage, a crack or a whip on it has to be taken seriously and get repaired immediately once it is noticed. However, there are certain things that one has to keep in mind before deciding whether to repair a damaged glass or replace it with a new one.

Two important considerations are cost and time. Time is of the importance when it comes to damaged windshields. As even a simple crack can turn into a major damage to your auto glass, it has to be repaired as soon as it is noticed. Allowing it more time to get worse can force you to replace the entire glass that comes at more cost. So more you wait to repair the broken window, more money you have to spend on fixing it.

Size is another important factor to consider. Mostly the cracks up to 12 inches long can be repaired. However, windshield replacement is the only option for the cracks beyond 12 inches. Location of the damage is also important. Cracks at the edge of the glass quickly spread across the entire windshield and hence should be addressed instantly.

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