What is Safety Glass

We have often heard the term that car windows and windscreens are built with safety glass. There are also many other places such as laboratories and eyeglasses where safety glass is used. It is now becoming increasingly evident that safety glass has been responsible for saving many lives during collisions and accidents.

There are two types of safety glass. The most commonly used is known as tempered glass. This glass is manufactured by heating and cooling glass carefully so as to increase its tensile strength. The characteristics of this type of glass are the fact that when it breaks, it breaks with rounded shapes. Since sharp glass edges can cause a great deal of bodily harm, this kind of breakage can be a much better option.

Laminated safety glass is manufactured by placing a sheet of vinyl between two sheets of glass. The glass becomes stronger is more reinforced. In the case of an impact the glass shatters, but instead of falling on the ground it adheres to the vinyl, thus preventing further harm.

Safety glass is also designed to be harder than ordinary glass, hence it does not break or shatter very easily.

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