What is auto glass? | Windshield Replacement

What is auto glass? | Windshield Replacement Windshield Replacement

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What is auto glass?

With an name as descriptive as “auto glass” you might already be aware that auto glass is the very glass that is used on your car. If you look at a car or truck you will see that there is a lot of glass constructed into the car. The windows, the front windshield and even the back windshield are all made with auto glass. Auto glass has to be perfected and constructed with a lot of care because if it is not done properly it could be really dangerous to the passengers and driver of the vehicle. If you have ever been in an accident, imagine how much worse the situation could have been had your auto glass shattered and covered everywhere in the car. If you’ve been in an accident where it happen, you probably already know how scary the situation was and how badly it can hurt the passengers of the vehicle. Ensuring that auto glass will not shatter and hurt the people inside upon impact is a complicated design process. Auto glass is used on just about every vehicle we drive so it is constantly in demand. Auto glass comes in all different types and you can even have tinted auto glass for more privacy inside your vehicle.

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