What is an auto glass? | Windshield Replacement

What is an auto glass? | Windshield Replacement Windshield Replacement

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What is an auto glass?

There are mainly two types of auto glass i.e. tempered glass and laminated safety glass. Tempered glass, which normally is used on the rear and side windows, goes through a special process wherein it is heated and then quickly cooled. Laminated safety glass, which is typically used on windshields, is composed of two pieces of glass with a thin layer of vinyl. It is then heated and pressed together in an oven called an autoclave. Both types of glass are strong and more impact resistant than regular glass.

When the tempered glass receives a strong hit, it will shatter and break, but it will shatter and fall to the ground into small pieces that do not have sharp edges like regular glass. When laminated safety glass is hit with a strong impact it will also shatter but, generally, the pieces will adhere to the vinyl and not fall to the ground.

In an automobile accident auto glass is often damaged and needs to be replaced, but this isn’t the only instance where replacement is required. Gravel kicked up on the freeway can result in a chip or small vein or a scratch in the windshield. Over time vibration can cause it to grow.

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