Ways to prevent your auto glass from being damaged

Your vehicles has many parts made of glass and they are among it’s most vulnerable areas. The windshield and the rear windows are fairly large and can get chipped easily. Your side mirrors are also easily broken or harmed by people moving too close to the car. The side windows also have the tendency to chip or crack easily.

One of the best ways to avoid damage is by avoiding driving in winter when the roads are just being cleared of the ice. The salt used to clear the ice can fly off due to tyres and hit the windows or the windshields. Even a small chip can disfigure your glass.

Another way to avoid damage to your side view mirrors is by folding your mirrors before you leave the car. In this way no one can brush against them as they walk past your vehicle.

Do not leave anything in your car in open view, when you lock your car. Most thieves just break the window glass in order to gain access to the items lying inside. The glass replacement will probably cost you more than the items were worth.

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