Van windscreen replacement | Windshield Replacement

Van windscreen replacement | Windshield Replacement Windshield Replacement

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Van windscreen replacement

The way van windscreens are designed means they have a higher chance than car windows of sustaining damage they are at an angle much more vertical than a car meaning stones and debris will hit them more straight on with more full force rather than glancing off as they may on some cars especially with more slanted windows. Add to that the size of van windows generally being more and they are quite fragile compared to a car window. The amount you drive around if you are a van driver is much higher as well of course which obviously increases your chances again of getting a crack or a chip on your windscreen and also decreases the chance you will find time to get small cracks and chips fixed before they spread or the screen shatters.
If your windscreen does crack, smash or shatter though you could be off the road for some time, if possible do try and get your small cracks and chips fixed; many windscreen repairers can book a time to come out to you and fix your chips within a few minutes. If your windscreen does go unexpectedly though then as a commercial van driver you need to get back on the road as soon as possible, maybe you’re part way through a delivery or heading to a job, delays could mean you don’t get paid or worse still permanently lose a customer. Luckily many windscreen repairers can come out to you with an emergency service so they are with you quickly bringing a windscreen to match your vehicle from stock if it’s a common vehicle type.

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