Things You Should Know About Car Windshield Repair | Windshield Replacement

Things You Should Know About Car Windshield Repair | Windshield Replacement Windshield Replacement

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Things You Should Know About Car Windshield Repair

Damaged windshield can be very irritating and if not looked at seriously can many times cause fatal accidents. When your car’s windshield gets damaged, you have two options – either to repair the damage or replace the entire damaged glass with a new one.

There are many factors that determine your choice of option. 90% of the major damages to your car’s windshield start with smaller cracks. However, most of the times people tend to be very lenient; they do not realize that if ignored, these smaller cracks soon turn into major cracks. Since major damages usually require the entire glass to be replaced with new one, the cost and time involved in this also increases.

Usually, the cracks that are up to 12 inches long can be repaired easily. However, for cracks more than 12 inches can not be repaired and in such cases, the entire glass should be replaced.

The location of the damage or crack also plays important role. The cracks that are directly in front of front window glass require immediate attention. However, that does not mean the damages that are away from the driver’s vision can be ignored.

Whether it is a windshield repair or replacement, you have to take expert’s opinion before deciding.

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