The Importance of the Mirrors

If you can remember learning to pass your driving test (and therefore have not repressed the memories) then you should remember how important it is to check all of your mirrors when driving if you want to be in with a chance. The mantra ‘mirror, signal, manoeuvre’ should be well and truly cemented into your brain, putting ‘mirror’ at the start of the chain of events that allows us to move at all (one of the key objectives of driving). Often once we’ve passed our tests however we then pick up bad habits and stop regularly checking our mirrors before pulling out or overtaking (believe it or not we’re even meant to check them before turning a corner…).

Despite this you might well be surprised by how often you use your mirrors – to check behind you when you stop at traffic lights, to check the coast is clear before changing lanes, and when over taking bicycles (maybe when checking to see how the guy in the sports car liked being overtaken by a 1.2 litre engine even…). The minute a mirror is gone we suddenly miss it and that shows us how important they all are – the rear view mirror and both wing mirrors. Without them we suddenly feel blind and become a lot more cautious.

For this reason it’s incredibly important that we make sure our mirrors are always in good condition (often people forget that their mirrors need cleaning too), and that our autoglass is clear too so that we can use them.

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