The importance of a professionally fitted windscreen | Windshield Replacement

The importance of a professionally fitted windscreen | Windshield Replacement Windshield Replacement

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The importance of a professionally fitted windscreen

Fitting a windshield isn’t easy it is definitely not something you should attempt yourself, many people will try to fit a windshield, often from a scrap yard, but they often find the new screen breaks soon after being added. A windscreen must be placed perfectly, also any damage around the edges of the windscreen can lead to cracks starting to form. A windshield must rest perfectly on the vehicle so that the weight is equaled out all the way around. A shard of glass from the previous windscreen may be enough to cause a crack or shattering quite soon after being fitted. In fact badly fitted windscreens tend to crack or shatter the first time you go any speed and the air pressure on the screen cause the crack to form: a shattered windscreen at high speeds is incredibly dangerous of course, you suddenly find yourself covered in glass and driving with the wind blowing straight in your eyes, you then have to slow down and safely get to the side of the road: not easy in a many laned super highway. Many garages won’t even go near windscreens, others try and fail; a professional specialist in windscreens is likely to be the best option for you to get a safe replacement done.

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