Replacement Versus Fixing

If you have a damaged windshield it can be very dangerous to continue driving without having it checked out. Not only can this serve as a distraction, but might also block out small hazards on the horizon. Furthermore some cracks can grow and can weaken the rest of the glass making more damage more likely.

However this needn’t necessarily mean you need to have the window replaced, and it may be cheaper to instead have the windshield repaired. Here the crack or chip will be filled with a transparent material, and this can have other advantages too.

Firstly, getting a new windshield is more expensive as you will actually be replacing two layers of glass and the plastic lamination. At the same time the windshield will need to come from the manufacturer or be shaped to perfectly fit your car. Furthermore, if the windshield doesn’t fit perfectly, or isn’t glued in as well as it should be, then it can cause a draught or allow water to seep in onto the dashboard. Simply having the current windshield repaired avoids these problems and is also cheaper as a result. Of course there are times however when this won’t be appropriate, such as when the crack covers the entire windshield or goes all the way through and in these scenarios it can be safer to fully replace the glass.

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