Should You Opt for Auto Glass Repair or Replacement?

Should You Opt for Auto Glass Repair or ReplacementIn the olden days, a windshield was always replaced if it got chipped or cracked. Nowadays, repair is possible in a lot of instances, thanks to modern technology and advanced procedures. There are many companies which offer auto glass repair in Van Nuys, and you can easily appoint any one of them for their services. In most instances, the procedures are efficient and will help save you money.

Despite the advancements in technology, glass repair does have its limitations. In such a case, windshield replacement is the only alternative option. Though this does incur extra costs, you can minimize them if you opt for Ordinary Equipment Equivalent glass. This glass is not made by your car’s original manufacturers, but works just well.

Factors that Affect the Decision

So the primary question is if you should repair or replace your auto glass? The answer to this depends on three main factors: location, size and extent of damage.  If the damage is just in one part of the windshield, you can go for repair. If the damage is spread throughout the windshield, you would be better off by replacing it.

As long as the crack is the size of a coin or around two to three inches in length, it can be repaired. If the size is any bigger than this, you will have to get it replaced in most instances. Some companies that offer auto glass repair can treat cracks that are up to 12 inches long with special procedures. You can opt for this if you want, provided the repaired auto glass does not hinder your line of sight.

Moreover, if the crack is right in front of the driver’s line of sight, then most auto glass companies in Van Nuys will suggest a replacement. The same will be the recommendation if the cracks are right towards the edge of the windshield. In such an instance, they can spread quickly and affect the structural integrity. Treat them soon, and you can do with repair, but a replacement will be more practical.

Average Costs

The average costs of auto glass repair in Van Nuys vary with each company. On an average, repairing a single three inch crack costs around $40 to $50. Any additional cracks or chips are the repaired at a rate of $10 each.

The replacement costs lie between $350 and $1,300 depending on your car’s make and model.

A quick response is highly recommended

Whether you auto glass is cracked right in the middle or towards the edges, you should get it repaired or replaced at your earliest convenience. If you prolong this, the cracks may fill up with dirt and dust. This will make the repair less effective and might even distort vision to an extent that will not be tolerable.

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