Keep an eye out for windscreen damage | Windshield Replacement

Keep an eye out for windscreen damage | Windshield Replacement Windshield Replacement

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Keep an eye out for windscreen damage

It happens all too easily, a slight crack in your windscreen. Stones fly up and hit your windscreen or an old windscreen starts to crack from the edge. It could even be a cat or another animal jumping on your car that starts the problem. The worst time for chips is in the winter when there’s grit on the road to stop them icing over but at the same time there’s also the cold that can make cracks quickly expand. The cold is most likely to see a crack expand when you suddenly warm up a cold windscreen so be careful about sticking your heater on full to defrost a frozen windscreen if it has a crack or you think it may have a crack. As well as the cold weather bumps and jolts in your car can make a crack quickly spread or even cause a damaged windscreen to shatter. If your windscreen shatters suddenly while you are driving you and other road users are instantly in danger even if the shock of the windscreen shattering doesn’t put you off course you may struggle to see where you are going at fast speeds especially in wind and rain or snow.

Check all car windows for damage regularly but especially the windscreen, you may have to look very closely and they may only be visible from some angles sometimes looking across rather than directly through the screen. As well a simple cracks look out for chips as well even when they haven’t come right through the glass. Look out for cracks starting from edges and look for cracks peaking out from rubber seals.

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