How to clean Car Glass

If your car glasses have been cleaned badly then as soon as you drive into the sunny areas you will be able to notice water streaks all across your glass. Not only do these look ugly, but they also impair your vision and make driving hazardous. Hence the importance of clean car glasses can never be underestimated.

When a car is to be cleaned the glasses must be the last thing to be cleaned. Do not clean glasses while the car is out in the sun, since this will make the water or the spray dry quickly and leave streaks.

Use only non-ammonia fluids to clean your car and microfiber dust cloths. The micro fibre cloth will not leave lint residue on your auto glass.

Spray the fluid and wipe the glass with the cloth. Once it is dry, give the glass another quick wipe and step back to check that no streaks are left.

Open the windows and clean the top portions of the panes, since these are inside the door panel ad they are often neglected.

Take special care of your windshield, since a clean windshield will give you a clear look at the road ahead.

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