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How A Windshield Repair Is Done

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

A repair to windshield involves squeezing resin into the crack using a vacuum that seals out air and moisture. It is then exposed to UV light to let it dry. Unlike cracks, scratches on the auto glass are treated differently. These scratches are eliminated using a glass polishing kit. To smoothen the glass it is then waxed. Repairs to your auto glass may sound simple, however, it requires the skillful hands of experienced professional to fix the problem for you. If you decide to fix the problem on your own it will save you money.

Small cracks, nicks and scratches can always be done on your own. However, for larger damages, you have to see an expert technician. While doing repair, you have to keep several things in mind. Hence, it is always better to let the experienced hands of a technician to do the job and not to do it yourself. Any repair to car’s glass should not be done in direct sunlight as it increases chances of resin to harden too quickly. The repair work requires delicate handling because even the tiniest speck of dust in the resin can affect the strength of the glue that is applied to the glass.

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