How many times can you repair your windshield?

Getting the chips on your windshield repaired is something that is normal and is the safest thing to do. Repairing instantly, a chip that might have been caused on your windshield will ensure that any big cracks don’t form over time, so in this way you will be ensuring the safety of your car as well as the driver and passengers of the vehicle. However, over the course of time, there will be plenty of chips on your windshield and you might get all of them repaired and it might strike you at some point- how many times can I keep doing this?

The problem is that you cannot keeping repairing your windshield an endless number of times, there will eventually come a time when your windshield will just not be ready for another repair and it will be time for you to replace the entire windshield completely.

However, to get an estimate of how many times you can actually repair chips on your windshield you will have to call in the professionals and they will be able to give you an estimate of how strong your windshield is and how long they can keep repairing it and still maintain its structural strength.

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