Hot Tips for Saving Money on Windshield Replacement

No one ever plans to have to make any huge repairs to their car such as a broken windshield. Talk about a complete damper on your perfect Saturday afternoon at the beach; now you’ve got a huge crack down the center of your windshield! How are you going to cover the cost of fixing that? Here are a few great tips to help save a few bucks.

Did you know that car insurance might be able to pick up some of the cost? Many people aren’t aware of this, so before you plan on forking out money, consider giving your insurance company a call. Even if they don’t pick up the whole thing, anything they will cover keeps that much more money in your pocket.

Also, rather than going with a company your insurance company offers you, do the research and find your own. They are only going to refer a company that charges an arm and a leg. Doing your own research is going to be well worth it in the long run. What went from being a $200 repair fee may be knocked down to less than half of that. If you need a total replacement, you can plan on the cost being a lot more than that depending on the type of car you have.

You’ll also want to find a company that can perhaps come to you, which means while you’re basking in the sun your car can be getting a new windshield!

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