Don’t Neglect the Other Windows: Side Windows Part Two

Similarly the two front passenger windows are very important for pulling out of junctions, slip roads and onto roundabouts. Using these we can pull out just an inch and then check left and right to see if anything is coming and whether or not it is safe to join one of the lanes; if visibility is damaged on the side windows then we face pulling out blindly which is highly dangerous.

Another obvious point to bear in mind is that the side windows at the front are crucial to be able to use the wing mirrors which also highly important in a number of manoeuvres (and it’s illegal in most regions not to have good visibility for your wing mirror on the driver’s side). If you can’t see out of the window – how can you see the wing mirror outside of it?

Of course you could argue that autoglass on the side of the car is marginally less important as you can always wind down the windows and so see that way. This is obviously true, but it can be highly impractical at times when the whether is cold and is a last resort that should be avoided if possible.

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