Don’t Neglect the Other Windows: Side Windows Part One

The first and most obvious use for side windows is for changing lanes on the motorway, dual carriage way or when coming up to a roundabout or junction. Here we are moving horizontally across the motorway and so it is important to be able to see what’s on either side of us. If we do not then we could easily drive straight into the side of a car in another lane. This is also a time when all four of the windows need to have good visibility, as we need not only check the lane next to us at our level, but also just behind us through the back passenger windows to check out ‘blind spot’ – an area that we can’t see through any of the windows or mirrors at the front of the car. This is the point where cars overtaking us will first present a problem for us changing lanes and so not to check there would make changing lanes highly dangerous. The blind spot is also useful in many manoeuvres and in most cases where we need to reverse at an angle (which is quite regularly). Here without looking over our shoulder and out the back passenger window we can’t see where we’re heading and could prang the car or more seriously hit another vehicle or pedestrian.

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