Don’t Neglect the Other Windows: Rear Windscreen Part Three

Otherwise you may reverse into an oncoming vehicle or a pedestrian crossing behind you (this is particularly dangerous as we do not innately expect vehicles to be moving backwards and so exercise less caution when crossing behind them). If visibility is poor out of your back window then you shouldn’t be reversing at all.

So the rear windscreen is very important and almost as important as the front windscreen. If anything the fact that we look at it less makes it a greater cause for concern and we should go out of our way to regularly check it for cracks and chips that might be affecting our ability to see through it. If we do find a problem, then we should take our car to have the glass repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Even more than the rear window being overlooked, we regularly overlook how important it is to have good visibility out of the side windows on the cars and again there are many important reasons why this is the case. Again if we have chips or cracks in our autoglass on the side passenger windows then we should get this addressed as soon as possible in order to be driving as safely as possible.

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