Don’t Neglect the Other Windows: Rear Windscreen Part One

And it’s for good reason. The first and most obvious use of the rear windscreen is obviously for checking what’s behind you, and you should never break rapidly without first checking this window to ensure that there are no vehicles tailing you too closely behind that might end up ploughing into the back of your car otherwise.

You can also use this rear window in order to change lanes when on a motorway. While we normally check our blind spot before we move onto into the next lane, we should also be sure to check the back windscreen first. Many of us do this subconsciously without realising that we’re doing it. This is because before a car comes into our vision by pulling up next to us into our blind spot, it will first begin to gain on us from behind. If we pull over into the next lane at this point then it could be possible that we clip the front of their car with the back of ours by not leaving enough space – and that could happen when our blind spot appears clear. By constantly checking the back window it’s possible to have a good idea of what’s behind you at all times and this way you should instinctively know whether or not it’s safe to change lanes or to break.

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