Don’t Neglect the Other Windows

When we think of getting our autoglass replaced or repaired, it is almost always the front windscreen that comes to mind – after all this is the autoglass that seems most important as it’s the one we use to view the road as it hurtles towards us and so be able to avoid oncoming obstacles and to react to things that occur on the road. For this reason when we find a chip or a crack on our windscreen we rush off to have it repaired or replace, when often we would allow a chip or crack of the same size to exist on the other windows for far longer.

This is certainly an error of judgement however, and the other windows are in many ways just as important as the autoglass on the front windscreen. Let’s have a look at why.

First of all we’ll start with the rear windscreen. The first clue as to how important it is is the fact that there are rear windscreen wipers; if the window wasn’t important then why would the manufacturers go to the trouble of installing a system to keep them constantly clear and with good visibility?

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