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“I called around and found AutoglassLA to be the best price. Not only that, but I appreciated Marc’s honesty. He quoted me a price with an original manufacture’s part and warned me about the imported parts that are not as good. When calling around I got high quotes and imported parts. Marc also came out on a Sunday, which I’m sure is not a typical business day, and took care of my back window in less than an hour. I appreciate his time and professionalism.”A Google User / 5 of 5 stars

“These guys are great at there job and they have a great product. They came to my house in Echo Park and installed a new windshield in less than an hour. Plus the price was right around what I was wanting to spend.
I drive a 1989 BMW 325is and they were able to supply an OEM replacement the day after I called them. Great experience, highly recommend these guys if you are looking for a new windshield.”
Clint B. – Yelp / 5 of 5 stars

“Best price in the valley and very fast and efficient service. I called around for quotes and got the best one here and the gentleman was very polite and professional. He met me in my residential garage and had the job done in under an hour. My car was broken into and as sucky an experience that was, I’m glad I discovered AutoGlassLA on yelp. I’d gladly refer ’em to anyone with the same or similar scenario.

Have your windows replaced here.” – Kearstin E. – Yelp / 5 of 5 stars

“Okay, where shall I begin? Hmmm… ahhh, yes the inevitable chunk of concrete that knicks your windshield on the freeway as you try to dodge that shady looking construction truck… I know its happened to the best of us, and up until the other day I can proudly say I was knick-free.

But the other day my fiance and I were driving and “the knick” took place. The crack has been growing and growing and today it just got out of control. I could literally watch it grow bigger and bigger with every bump we hit on the freeway.

It was time to find an auto glass repair and installation company on yelp, but the thing is that my fiance had 3 job sites today so I had to find a mobile company who could meet him at his job site and replace the windshield from the street.

I found a tint company with great ratings but they didn’t do windshield replacement so they referred me to Mark here!

I called Mark right away, he answered right away and addressed all of my questions and concerns. I got the quote over the phone, liked the price, moved forward with it and fortunately he was available same-day!

We set it up and he was scheduled to arrive between 10 – 11am this morning. He arrived at about 11:30 which was a bit stressful because my fiance had to leave his job site by 12:30 latest in order to make it to his next job site on-time. I also let him know when we were scheduling that if there was any way he could arrive closer to 10am that would be ideal. It turns out that as soon as we booked the appointment he went straight to a Toyota dealership to pick up our rush custom windshield order, and that’s why he was late. Which was honestly fine with me! Even though he was a bit late he rushed over to get our windshield that wasn’t in his current stock to service us ASAP, which is really what matters here.

He showed up at the location of the truck, got started and it went very smoothly. It took about an hour and he was totally done! New windshield, awesome! He did a spectacular job and we were thrilled.

This is a really great service this company has going here, and they really saved us a lot of trouble by having a mobile service.

Thank you, Mark! Very highly recommended.” – Camelia T. – Yelp / 5 of 5 stars

“I hired an auto glass company to fix a large crack on my window. They came to my house and fixed it quickly for $300. Afterwards I noticed the seal was bubbly, but thought it would be no big deal. A few months later the seal flops down onto my window. I had to continue driving home and within an hour half of the seal was off, falling onto my window!! When I got home I called a few places and found out I would have to replace the seal, but also RESET THE ENTIRE WINDOW and it would cost me another $350.00!!! Immediately I remembered the bubbly seal from the first guy and knew he screwed up the job in the FIRST PLACE! ….and I did not have the receipt. I was livid. I found Mark at AutoglassLA and told him my story. He understood that I got burned and agreed to help me out. I did not realize there were so many shady auto glass places with super cheap prices and horrible work. But Mark was wonderful! He fixed my window immediately while I waited and gave me a great price. He explained the proper window fittings and I knew he was going to DO IT RIGHT. Mark was very cool and understanding. He told me other stories of how others got burned too and they came to him to clean up their messes. AutoglassLA was great and now I feel safe driving my car. He is now my auto glass guy and would totally recommend him to family, friends anyone. Next time I am going to AutoglassLA first.”Marcia – Yahoo / 5 of 5 stars

“I was driving my friends car and I saw two chips on the windshield. I searched on the web and I found these people. I called a few others places and no one was willing to quote any costs over the phone. Marc right away quoted me a price and asked me to call him before I go there. When I got there he looked at the chips and he told me that I DO NOT need any repairs because repairs were already done by someone. His honesty really impressed me since I had no idea, he could have simply said wait and half an hour later tell me repair done and charge me for it. I hight recommend these people and from now on I will go to him only. Thank you Marc.”Fine Properties & Estates – Yahoo / 5 of 5 stars
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