Common Questions Related to Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

Common Questions Related to Auto Glass Repair and ReplacementDid you just suffer from a car accident which cracked and damaged your windshield? No problem. There are many companies that offer auto glass repair in Los Angeles, and if you hire their services, your windshield will be as good as new.

Generally, people have many queries and concerns related to auto glass repair. The most common ones of these are being addressed herewith.

Is an auto glass repair service suitable or will you have to opt for replacement?

The answer to this question actually depends on the extent of damage.  A windshield is repaired only if a few dollars are incurred in the process and the crack is not towards the driving side of the vehicle. In all other instances, the glass is repaired.

How do OEE and OEM auto glasses differ from each other?

The OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer auto glass is a replacement glass that is made by your car’s original manufacturers. On the other hand, the Original Equipment Equivalent or the OEE glass is the same as the original auto glass, but is made by a different manufacturer.

Generally, most of the companies which offer auto glass repair offer both OEM and OEE glasses, with the OEE glass being the more expensive of the two.

Are the stickers on the windshield replaced?

Most companies, which offer auto glass repair in Los Angeles, will try to replace your stickers and apply them to your new windshield if the law permits them. There are some regions in which the policies do not permit an inspection sticker to be replaced. In such a situation, you will have to re-apply with the concerned authorities.

How long does the auto glass repair procedure take place?

Most auto glass repair services are over within just half an hour. Once the process is completed, you should avoid driving your vehicle for an hour at least.

How long does the auto glass replacement procedure take place?

An auto glass is replaced in about forty five minutes or an hour.

Is your rearview mirror attached to the glass once again?

While your auto glass is being repaired or replaced, the rear view mirror is removed for convenience. However, once the process is over, it is attached again.

Is the crack or chip glass visible after the windshield has been treated?

This actually depends on the extent of damage to the windshield, but in most cases, a blemish is unavoidable. The main purpose of repairing an auto glass is to prevent further damage while ensuring the structural integrity of your car. As such, there is no guarantee to the cosmetic appearance, and though you expect some improvement, the mark will not completely disappear.

Will any other part if your vehicle will be damaged during the process?

As long as you choose a reputed auto glass company in Los Angeles, this will not be the case.

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