Clearing Ice from a Windscreen Part Two

Here a thin metal ‘mesh’ is placed between the two sheets of glass that make up a windshield (a windshield is actually made up of two identical sheets of glass that sandwich a layer of ‘laminate plastic’ to hold them together for safety purposes) which then acts as a conductor for a small electric current or mild heat which can warm the inside of the glass in order to melt the ice. Once you’ve started driving you should ensure that you’ve left de-icer mixed in with your screen wash as this way you can melt some of the ice while you drive without having to get out to do so manually yourself (which is a problem if you can’t stop). This is particularly useful as in some cases it’s possible for water to freeze as it lands on the windscreen.

This should have provided a few quick tips for clearing the ice on your windscreen. You should ensure that you have done your best to do so before you set off and have methods in place to clear it as you go. If you should find your visibility is compromised by ice gathering on the glass then make sure you pull over as soon as possible to deal with the problem or wait until visibility returns.

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