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Understanding Auto Glass Repair

When it comes to getting the windshield of your car fixed, there are quite a few things to consider carefully. Perhaps you never thought that you would end up in an accident that broken one of your windows or your windshield, but it happened anyway and now you are wondering what you can do about it.

Finding the Right Auto Glass in Los Angeles

It can be quite disappointing to end up with a broken windshield or window on your car, and there are a lot of situations that can trigger an event like that. In most cases, accidents that involve the cracking of a windshield are caused by frontal collision, but they can be caused by other factors as well.

Don’t Neglect the Other Windows

When we think of getting our autoglass replaced or repaired, it is almost always the front windscreen that comes to mind – after all this is the autoglass that seems most important as it’s the one we use to view the road as it hurtles towards us and so be able to avoid oncoming obstacles and to react to things that occur on the road.

Don’t Neglect the Other Windows: Rear Windscreen Part One

And it’s for good reason. The first and most obvious use of the rear windscreen is obviously for checking what’s behind you, and you should never break rapidly without first checking this window to ensure that there are no vehicles tailing you too closely behind that might end up ploughing into the back of your car otherwise.

Don’t Neglect the Other Windows: Rear Windscreen Part Two

Likewise you can use the back window to see if other drivers are wanting to overtake you, and if you’re in the fast lane on the motorway and someone wants to go past it’s good etiquette to move over so that they can do so.

Don’t Neglect the Other Windows: Rear Windscreen Part Three

Otherwise you may reverse into an oncoming vehicle or a pedestrian crossing behind you (this is particularly dangerous as we do not innately expect vehicles to be moving backwards and so exercise less caution when crossing behind them). If visibility is poor out of your back window then you shouldn’t be reversing at all.

Don’t Neglect the Other Windows: Side Windows Part One

The first and most obvious use for side windows is for changing lanes on the motorway, dual carriage way or when coming up to a roundabout or junction. Here we are moving horizontally across the motorway and so it is important to be able to see what’s on either side of us. If we do not then we could easily drive straight into the side of a car in another lane.

Don’t Neglect the Other Windows: Side Windows Part Two

Similarly the two front passenger windows are very important for pulling out of junctions, slip roads and onto roundabouts. Using these we can pull out just an inch and then check left and right to see if anything is coming and whether or not it is safe to join one of the lanes; if visibility is damaged on the side windows then we face pulling out blindly which is highly dangerous.

Don’t Neglect the Other Windows: Conclusion

Again then it’s just as important to have your side windows checked and repaired regularly as it is to have the rear windscreen repaired. If you’re struggling to see out of any of your windows then you are defeating the point of having them and compromising your own safety as well as that of your passengers and other drivers on the road.

Clearing Ice from a Windscreen Part One

For many safety reasons (mostly revolving around visibility on the roads) it is highly important to avoid letting your windscreen ice up. Try to keep your car somewhere warm when possible, and if you do encounter icing make sure you get it all off before you set off on your journey.

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