Best Practices In Auto Glass Repair | Windshield Replacement

Best Practices In Auto Glass Repair | Windshield Replacement Windshield Replacement

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Best Practices In Auto Glass Repair

There are many guides for windshield repair. However, most of them fail to highlight the parts where it is critical to pay attention. All these ignored facts are very crucial to ensure you get your car’s windshield back to its pristine condition as much as possible.

Surface dirt

The crack in the vehicle’s glass has to be cleaned thoroughly. Since the rest of the processes depend largely on this, there can be no short cuts in this. Since there are huge chances of dirt and dust infiltrating the crack, you should cover it with a tape as soon as there is a crack and you can’t decide yet whether to bring it to a professional or repair it yourself.

Curing time

You have to give enough curing time for the. Adhesive takes minimum a few hours to settle; hence you should not disturb your car before that. The minimum is a few hours but it is always best to let it stay there without the car moving for at least a day. Patience is a key here.

Type of adhesive

You have to be selecting and do some research before blindly believing the suggestions from the shopkeepers to buy a particular adhesive.


There are few scratches that can only be removed by buffing. For the scratches that are deep, you have to use resin to cover it up.

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