Avoid the danger of a shattered windscreen | Windshield Replacement

Avoid the danger of a shattered windscreen | Windshield Replacement Windshield Replacement

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Avoid the danger of a shattered windscreen

A shattered windscreen is not only very inconvenient, especially if you use your vehicles for work, but extremely dangerous especially at high speeds. Its not so much the glass itself that is dangerous, unlike plate glass the glass in a windscreen will shatter into tiny fragments which are sharp but not big enough to do major damage unless you are unlucky enough that they get into your eyes. The danger is more in the shock of having a windscreen smash which will usually be sudden and without warning, this could be due to excess pressure on a badly fitted windscreen or a windscreen which already has damage including chips or small cracks. Some people even continue driving when a small part of their windscreen is shattered but has stuck together.
The shock may cause you to act too abruptly and either lose control of your car or your reaction may be to slam on your brakes which may see the car behind you collide with you. If you do keep control of your car suddenly having the wind and rain lashing against your face may make it almost impossible to see if you are going at a fast speed and it may be you will struggle to get your car to a safe haven while avoiding an accident.
Avoid these risks by making sure any small cracks and chips are quickly repaired and make sure you regularly have a close examination for cracks and chips that may not be instantly apparent.

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