Automotive Glass Replacement – How to Replace Car Glass | Windshield Replacement

Automotive Glass Replacement – How to Replace Car Glass | Windshield Replacement Windshield Replacement

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Automotive Glass Replacement – How to Replace Car Glass

Auto glass replacement, Van Nuys, can be done by the novice if he or she takes their time to learn the basics about it and follow the instructions given. You do not have to own a special knowledge or expensive tools to replace car glass. However, patience is must. Lets us discuss the process of auto glass replacement. Van Nuys residents should go through this task step-by-step. The first step involves removing any kind of molding that goes around the window. Check with the factory service information and know exactly how it is attached – whether using some sort of clips, glued on, or may be just pushed onto a lip on the car body. Then create a hole through the adhesive between the glass and the body, using an awl. Next, use the suction cup handles to pull the glass out of the car body. Then remove the entire old adhesive from the car body and clean the surfaces thoroughly. Now it is time to fix the new glass. Read the instruction carefully. Follow the instructions for the type of new adhesive you are using. Once you apply adhesive, use the suction cup handles to install the new glass into position. Do not start the vehicles for many hours, just to make sure the glass is fixed properly.

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