Auto Glass Repair: Do It Yourself Tips | Windshield Replacement

Auto Glass Repair: Do It Yourself Tips | Windshield Replacement Windshield Replacement

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Auto Glass Repair: Do It Yourself Tips

When you get crack on your auto glass you have two choices – auto glass repair or replacement of the entire glass. Which choice you make depends on the extent of the damage. If you decide to repair the broken glass on your own, you will have to follow some instructions carefully to ensure success. You have to begin with purchasing a windshield repair kit through your local auto supply shop. This kit typically includes a small bottle of resin, suction cup, and various rags. Most of these things are not costly.

You have to make sure that the surface of your windshield is clean. If it is not, wipe the area with a good window cleaner and allow it to dry. Then attach suction cup to the cracked area and make sure the hole is directly over the chipped surface. Press the equipment down on the glass and then slide the arms of the X-frame to adjust the position of the hole if required. Then insert the threaded plastic tube into the hole and screw it in until it is tight. Then place the resin tube into the tube and drop three drops of resin into tube. Allow the resin drops to settle and then remove the entire kit from the glass. With the help of a sheet of clear finishing film smooth the resin over the crack or chip. Remove the finishing film after 5-10 minutes.

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