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Monday, November 23, 2009

Windshields for Motorcycles Part Two

For this reason, motorcycle windshields utilise a different design and are angled so as to redirect the wind and debris over the driver rather than stopping it altogether. This means that when driving at high speeds, the driver and passenger need to position themselves in the most aerodynamic position possible in order to prevent themselves being hit by a strong wall of wind and any dirt or debris. This is why the handlebars are positioned so as to force motorcycle drivers into a hunched over position.
For this reason most sports motorbikes also utilise windshields much smaller than other automobiles. These windshields are generally bellow 8 inches, or 20 centimetres, which means they fall into the category of ‘aeroshields’ rather than windshields. In some bikes however these windshields will be larger, such as in touring bikes where the driver sits back and upright, and in bicycles that utilise larger windshields that are heavily reinforced as an extra form of protection against criminal damage and against riots. Some bike designs meanwhile use ‘bubble shields’ which almost encase the driver – remaining totally aerodynamic while keeping them safe. All of these windshields rely on acrylic plastic rather than reinforced glass which is more suitable for the high speeds reached by motorbikes.

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