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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Types of Auto Glass

All of us drive around in our vehicles without really thinking too much about the glass on our windows. As long as it serves us well, we are happy with it, and on the rare occasion when we need to replace or repair it, we begin to wonder about it’s composition and the manner in which it was installed!
Auto Glass is generally of two types – tempered glass and laminated safety glass.
Tempered glass is generally used on the rear and side windows. Most cars have a tiny sign on their windows giving the name of the manufacturer of the glass, and the type of glass on it. Tempered glass is manufactured in a special process, whereby it is heated and then rapidly cooled.
Laminated Safety Glass is specially made for the windscreen, where the requirements are different. It is generally made of two very thin sheets of glass with a vinyl sheet in between. These sheets are then pressed together and heated in an autoclave oven.
The speciality of a laminated safety glass lies in the fact that in an impact, it shatters into small pieces and adheres to the vinyl. It does not leave sharp edges which can harm the passengers.

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