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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Future of the Car Part Two

Smaller electric vehicles are also potentially going to be available in larger cities which customers can pre-book then collect upon arrival before returning them to their bays. This way transport will be cheap and clean and speed can be controlled. A lack of ordinary vehicles will do away with congestion charges and will result in shops being far more open plan and integrated into the streets themselves.
Another innovation that we could see soon is ‘augmented reality’, which would overlay real-time information about the world, the road and driving conditions on the windshield. This time the information and the environment would be seamlessly integrated meaning that you wouldn’t get distracted while driving and so could take in far more information. For example when driving past a motorway station you could see it but with information regarding prices of meals and availability of parking transfixed over the top. Instead of difficult to read road signs the data could be displayed directly in front of you as you drive past preset spots.
All these innovations are in the works, and could change the way we live. On top of the flying car though some innovations are less likely to catch on – such as cars that are self piloted which would take away a lot of freedom and joy from driving.

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