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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Clearing Ice from a Windscreen Part One

For many safety reasons (mostly revolving around visibility on the roads) it is highly important to avoid letting your windscreen ice up. Try to keep your car somewhere warm when possible, and if you do encounter icing make sure you get it all off before you set off on your journey. There are many ways to do this – the most obvious being to use an ice scraper (the plastic devices with rubber handles that you can drag across the windscreen to brush off ice stuck to the glass) and a can of de-icer (de-icer is a chemical liquid that can speed up the rate at which ice melts making it very easy to wipe off once it’s done its work). Failing this you can alternatively use a credit card (avoid damaging the magnetic strip but otherwise it makes a great scraper) and some luke-warm water (if it’s too hot you risk cracking the windscreen whereas if it’s too cold you risk it freezing *more* onto the glass). You can also help the car by leaving the engine running for a while to allow the vehicle to heat up before you set off (though be careful if your batter is running low as combined with cold whether this can be enough for it to run out). Some cars have specially designed in-built de-icers built into the windscreen.

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