What Does Auto Glass Insurance Cover?

What Does Auto Glass Insurance CoverDid your car just suffer an accident in which your windshield broke down? Yes, this may incur excessive costs depending on the damage that has been caused. So will your insurance be able to replace your windshield? That mainly depends on your insurance provider and your subscribed policy.

If your auto glass insurance policy covers windshield, you can get it repaired or replaced.

Generally, there are two instances in which companies replace auto glass. The first is if the crack on the windshield will be repaired for more than a dollar and the second is if the crack obstructs the line of site of the driver.

Will your auto glass be repaired?

If you choose a reputed auto glass company in Los Angeles, your windshield will be repaired so well that you will not be able to determine the place where it cracked, and it will look just as good as new. As already mentioned, the glass will be repaired if the crack is not huge and does create any hindrances for the driver.

Compared to completely replacing the windshield, this is an easier option and lesser costs are incurred. As such, an insurance company will provide you coverage for this is in most instances.

Will your new glass be OEM?

An OEM glass stands or Original Equipment Manufactured glass is one which has been prepared by your car’s manufacturers. Obviously, replacement does mean that you will get a new glass, but it will not always be OEM.

Generally, insurance providers only cover yoyo for aftermarket parts, which are more economical than OEM parts. Their functioning is pretty much the same and the only notable difference is that your car’s manufacturer did not make them.  Still if you want OEM parts, you have to main options. The first is that you pay the difference in amounts yourself, which will probably be around several hundred dollars. The second option is that you can file a request for a special rider. Obviously, you will have to do this before you sign up for a policy. Also please note that this feature is not offered by every insurance provider.

Should you ask for guarantee on the windshield from the auto glass company?

The biggest concern with auto glass replacement is that the new glass may leak at the seam. This does not often happen, but there are still chances. You can prevent yourself from this situation if you get a guarantee from the auto glass company in Los Angeles beforehand. You will have to ask your agent about their affiliated companies and then acquire a grantee from them.

In some cases, insurance providers also offer this guarantee, but this will only be so if you avail services from their preferred companies.

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