A Brief History of Windshields Part Three

This solution proved very successful and lead to far fewer replacements and injuries which meant that the design has stood the test of time and is still used today. Chances are that your own car currently uses laminated glass for safety right now.

While this fundamental design has remained however, other new innovations have been introduced that have improved the humble windshield in other more subtle ways increasing the safety and functionality of the installation and providing the customer with more choice.

Once option is now to have UV protection built into your windscreen, this will protect your skin against environmental damage and harmful rays and means you don’t need sun cream in the car. Similarly some cars will offer tinting in the windscreens that will help to block out sun glare, meaning you’re less likely to get distracted when driving on the road and so less likely to have a traffic accident.

For colder seasons, some windshields now also run a thin conductive mesh between their two layers which can be heated up to provide warmth. This can help increase the temperature in the car, but its primary use is to disperse ice and condensation from the windshield thus improving visibility.

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