A Brief History of Windshields Part One

Windshields are the glass dividers in vehicles that separate the driver and passengers from the road or the track ahead. They can be found in all vehicles from cars to planes to motorbikes in one form or another and exist in many permeations.

The first example of autoglass being used in a commercially available car however was in the cars manufactured by the now-famous Henry Ford. These first cars were famously only available in black, leading to the motto ‘you can have any colour as long as it’s black’, which is often quoted today. The first of these cars used windshields that were made of ordinary glass however, and this created problems – breaking off into large shards and blades when shattered that caused many injuries and lead to a lot of law suits. This then lead to the need for a new type of windshield and side windows that would be safer and provide more protection.

The first of these came from a windshield that used a hardened safety glass cemented strongly into the frame. The idea here was that instead of breaking into large jagged shards, this glass would instead shatter dramatically into thousands of tiny, harmless pieces of glass.

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